2012 Jetta TDI fuel pump failure @ 17k

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Brand new 2012 Jetta TDI had $8,000.00 worth of fuel pump failure at 17k.Warranty covered it but when I asked what caused it the response was bad diesel fuel.

I get fuel from 1 place that gets a load a week so it's not sitting in the ground too long. I have been careful and only go to that place to get fuel. The dealer would no go out and say that it was indeed the problem but was able to say that in most cases that is what it is.

Out of warranty is going to be scary!Time to unload this one.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #589421

Our 2011 did the exact same at 18000.Such lame excuses - US has bad diesel and this is causing the problem.

OK well since it's a fundamental problem with the engine in the country I buy gas in, and where you sell them - VW should repair this for free as long as you own the vehicle.We are looking at Prius now.

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